Monday, 22 December 2014

Signing Off ... the last Post

As it tends to do at the end of a long, dry spell ... it rained.  The last week of school for Wallace and Sally saw storms rolling from the west four nights in a row.  Much mid-night radar watching ensued, and slowly the falls added up.  18 mil, 21, 33 and finally over 50.  Even better at Bottle Tree where we measured a total of 182, and with great relief saw dams three parts full.

The above photo taken just the week before the rain,

and just a couple of days after.  And so, just like that, Christmas is looking a whole lot merrier.

No more worrying about windmills keeping up with demand.  Cancel the order for more tanks and poly and you can keep the lick too.

With Matthew officially on annual leave, there's been another quick trip to Victoria for embryo work.  The big fella retrieved 31 transferrable embryos from one cow (49 in total), apparently giving him bragging rights.  Back home the old D6 has been putting in some big days, kids have been rolling old fence and everybody enjoying late afternoon dips in the pool. (3000 'mother-of-the-year' points for Mum who managed to find all required parts for re-assembly).

Wallace's primary schooling came to an end.  Off to boarding school with Sarah and Jess, leaving me and Sal at home to handle the job roster.

Wallace and Sally rounded the year off well.  And in a tradition spanning back one whole year, graduating students exited school for the last time through the great arch.

Our small school takes a big hit next year losing its Year 6 and 7 cohort and only one little Preppie coming in.  Our numbers will reach an all-time low (in our time of involvement with the school) with 17 enrolled.  And one teacher to cover seven year levels.

Of course there'd been much fun and frivolity at our usual break up day which preceded Presentation Night.  These two girls well versed at three-legged racing, the photo on the left taken in 2009.

This pair too sharing quite a history, and now off to high school together next year.

On another note, I think the time has come to wind up this blog.  I've enjoyed capturing memories for my kids and grandkids to look back at in years to come and perhaps I will continue to do so in a more private manner.  Thank you to all who have visited this space and left beautiful and funny comments, I've formed friendships which will certainly endure and enjoyed the cameraderie brought about by mothering regardless of location or lifestyle.

2015 will bring some changes for us as a family.  Three kids off to boarding school, a move to Bottle Tree and Sally starting home-schooling.  We will continue to work hard at trying to raise kids with a good sense of values, a healthy work ethic and a hearty dose of common sense.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.


  1. the green sure does make Christmas look a whole lot better...............we have some here too but it is starting to go blue so hopefully the forecast for this week will come true...............

    OMG the final post for the year or forever????
    Lots of changes for 2015..........but it's just a new chapter in the book...............goodluck with school for Sally.............I have one here in yr 10 next year.........its great to have the kids around fulltime............

    Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays with the kids................

  2. I'm sorry to read that you're not going to be posting any longer. I only discovered you recently, and have enjoyed the glimpse into a lifestyle so very different from my own. We city dwellers really take for granted the hard work, sacrifice and absolute dependance on the weather that farmers must endure. I wish more city people had exposure to just how hard life on the land is. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Good luck to you and your family.

  3. Oh Fiona you lovely lady.

    I hope the future is rosy for you all and wish you all the best with your gorgeous family.

    Happy Christmas.


  4. Oh no! Don't go, puleeze! I've loved the glimpse into farming life and your beautiful family. Please come back and update when you can :)

  5. You know, I've so enjoyed your blog and the friendship that's come from it. I've so enjoyed watching your children grow, and their adventures. And yours as well. I'll be sad to see you close it down, as the next chapter will be full of many tales and misadventures I'm sure!! (So please reconsider!)

    So much else in this post; so glad there's been good rain . Am sure Wallace will embrace school with gusto even though his mother may be bawling at the gate like a skinny old Brahman weaner mother ;)

  6. Glad to hear the rain has been up your way too. It has been a very very long dry spell that has been around.

    I am a city girl moved to the country and I love it. I have really enjoyed seeing your adventures as a farming family and how very similar the ups and downs and funnies can be. I know blogging is a lot of work and you have done a wonderful job of it sharing so much of your life. I will also miss being able laugh and be sad with you all.

    We all wish Wallace a great time in boarding school. I remember seeing him learning to drive at the same time my DS was - with the pillow in behind to get a bit further forward on the seat. All the best for your future.

  7. Sad to see that this is your final post, but I totally understand that we all reach a time when things have to come to an end. I have really enjoyed your regular posts, and marvelled at your photos.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and may 2015 be a fantastic year for you all.

  8. I will miss your blog so much. I have enjoyed every post and watching your beautiful children grow. Some really pretty cattle pictures. Maybe you would consider a once a month post just a brief note or two. I am sorry you are leaving but understand your reasons. Good luck to the children and your further.

  9. It sounds like there are many exciting changes happening in your part of the woods. I love the rain before and afters, the green comes so fast. I hope there is a nice bit of follow up rain coming your way repeated many times.
    It will be sad to not see your posts pop up for me to read and see wonderful glimpses of your life on.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and all the best with 2015's plans and adventures.

  10. Many thanks Fiona for sharing your family and life with all of us. I understand that you need to move on, but you will be missed.I have enjoyed every single post you have written. All the best to you and yours. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Many thanks again. Tracey

  11. So sorry that this is (seems to be) the end of your blog. I will certainly miss "looking' in and sharing the ups and downs of life in the country. Thanks for everything and hopefully we will somehow, somewhere hear from you and your lovely family again.
    All the best and good luck in your future ventures!

  12. Dear Fiona,

    I have loved reading about your creativity, mothering, farming, children, cooking, thoughts, stories... all of it. Your photos and stories have very often given me a much needed break from the very different reality of my own life - and a lovely way to keep in touch with the heart of Australia while I live so far away. Thank you so much for all the beauty you have shared!

    Merry merry Christmas and all things good to all of you in the future!

    Ali of the Alps! (who will very much miss your blog)

  13. Thanks for writing a beautiful blog. I will really really miss it. Good luck to you and your family.

  14. It's amazing to see how much difference some rain makes. I shall miss your updates - as others have already said, it's such a different way of life and it's always good to look at things (like rain and sun) from another perspective. Are you going to record everything somewhere else instead?
    Good luck with the move.

  15. This is very sad to hear Fiona. I love your blog and all that you share in this space. It's such a privilege to get a glimpse into your life and I will miss following your adventures. I hope to keep in touch. Have a really wonderful

  16. What a difference rain can make! I hope the skies keep topping your dams up for a wee while longer. I am going to miss your posts. Your life is so different from mine in many ways and similar in others and I have enjoyed following your family's adventures. I am wishing you all the best for the next year. Have a wonderful Christmas Fiona. xx

  17. Fiona, I'm sad to see you finishing up here but you have to do what's right for you. If you ever feel like doing a seasonal update on farm and family happenings we'll all be here waiting.
    It has been lovely being able to follow along with daily farm life.
    Have a wonderful Christmas. x

  18. The greening of the land is amazing to see. Sounds as though you are all moving on, in lots of ways, to 'pastures new'. I have so enjoyed visiting your blog and hearing about your life, so very different from mine. Thanks for sharing. Hope you and every member of your family will have a happy, healthy and fulfilling 2015. If you ever start blogging again, be sure to let me know! Hope you'll have a wonderful Christmas.

  19. How wonderful is your second pic! Great to hear you've been under those storms and let's hope they haven't moved on again. We've also gone from brown and dry to green and full dams ... oh what a feeling! :o)
    I've only not long found your blog through Chookyblue and wish you all the best on the new place. Sad to hear you are bringing your blog to a close.

  20. Have loved your blog and your gorgeous photography! Such a wonderful glimpse into Queensland country life. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  21. I'm so pleased you have had rain! We tend to have way too much here in Scotland! I'm sorry you're closing the blog - I will really miss your updates.

  22. So sorry you are going to close your blog :( . You take amazing pictures of a way of life that is so different from anything here in the Northeastern US. Best of everything to you!

  23. So sad I have loved your journey will miss you and your beautiful family..Sally was just a wee one when I found all of you

  24. So sorry to hear you are giving up your lovely blog. For me, coming from a totally different life in Scotland and now Texas it's been amazing to see your way of life and share in the lives of your family. I wish you every happiness for the future and hope the move goes well. Pop back and say hi if you get a chance. xx

  25. Just catching up on some blog reading and Oh no, you're leaving! Your blog has inspired me in so many ways Fiona. You have a great talent with words and pictures. Congratulations on capturing such a beautiful recount of your children's early years, sharing the triumphs and tribulations and sharing it with so many. May 2015 be your best year yet, full of health, happiness, prosperity and of course, it goes without saying, green grass xx

  26. Fiona
    So sad to read your last post. But wishing you all the best with your new changes, so many all at once! As one homeschooling mama to another, I'll be thinking of you and sending you success thoughts{}

  27. Sad to read you are finishing up. Good luck with everything.

  28. Thank-you so much for sharing your lives with us - your blog has been amazing and I have loved every chapter.
    Kindest regards and best wishes for 2015,

  29. Dear Fiona, I was away and missed this post. Then I started to be concerned when day after day I saw no sign of you. Don't know why I didn't just check here. Now I'm more concerned for myself because I will miss you, your kids and your cattle. I wish every success and happiness for you and your lovely family in the future. Take care.

  30. Dear Fiona,
    So sorry to see you go! Thank you for sharing so much of your family with us all. I'm a city girl and have loved the insight into country life. You probably don't remember but we exchanged emails about the Christmas ice cream cake a few years ago. You gave me a few tips and it is now a permanent fixture on our family's Christmas menu - I will think of you every Christmas at the very least! Take care and remember if you ever want to say hi to us all here in blog land, we'll be waiting ��



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