Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Some Pretty Things

for a Tuesday.

This blouse, hanging on my bedroom door awaiting a town trip.

Another old casement window frame salvaged from the shed and 'faffed'  with.

This cushion given to me by my boy for Mother's Day.

And Blossom.  Final addition to the milking herd for 2014.

Because sometimes it's nice to appreciate the pretty in our lives ... especially when feeling weighed down with dirt, denim and manure.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sawdust Sunday

If there's something I've learnt over the past few weeks while we've been fencing ...

it's that sawdust is the devil's sprinkle.

It fills your pockets, as well as your nostrils and slyly works its way down from your jeans band to your socks, filling crevices everywhere in between.


It infiltrates socks, clogs washing machine filters and covers bathroom floors.

But the thing about sawdust ... is the timber left behind does make a beautiful fence.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Favourite

As a result of having two older sisters, and not much older at that, this girl has a cupboard brimming with clothes.  This week saw yet another spring clean, moving out the old and making room for the new.  At least new to Sally.
A pile of at least a dozen long-sleeved workshirts remain, too good to pass along, yet no chance of all being worn.
Particularly when it would seem that she only ever wears this one.

I only made the connection looking back through some photos.

The least colourful.

Least pretty.

Least feminine.

But given to her by a wonderful, beautiful neighbour, one formerly belonging to one of her grandchildren.

You'll be very pleased to know Beryl that the shirt's getting plenty of wear.
As for this lot,

I think they'll be outgrown before they're out-worn.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Chicken and Vegetables

My vegetable garden's been sorely neglected of late.  Down to only one chook in the chook house meant I was short of vege garden scratchers and diggers.  I secured four more odd-bods when a family recently moved from the district,

a more diverse selection of chooks you wouldn't see.

But they can scratch and so the moveable chook pen is again in action.

The pumpkin vines which come up with gay abandon everywhere are usually removed, though I've left one and am madly breaking off runners as they appear through the fence.

Silver beet is still on the menu, such a hit with the kids.

I love the flavour and am happy to throw a giant handful in a pan of stir-fry.  They manage to draft it off to the side, and back to the chook pen it goes in the scrap bucket.

Recent seedling plantings have met with quick approval from whatever nocturnal vegetarians are about.

Though they seem not too keen on Chinese cabbage.  One tomato plant has survived, as have a handful of broccoli, the coriander and shallots.

A new row of fruit trees are doing well,

new shoots abounding.

Fifteen unexpected but glorious millimetres of rain yesterday will certainly help their progress.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Old Pig

"Old Pig and Granddaughter have lived together for a long time. They share everything, including the chores, until the day when Old Pig does not get up as usual for breakfast".
"Old Pig ... Margaret Wild"

Our beloved Mama Pig is feeling her age.  It won't be long until her daughter Daisy takes her place as head of pig breeding operations.  The circle of life continues, though sometimes with a tinge of sadness.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunday on my Mind

There's something about fresh flowers in the house that make you smile every time you walk past.

The breakfast crew weren't so keen on having to reach around the foliage,

Sarah's head in hands exactly as I feel at many of our meal-times.

A hearty start to a Sunday that saw a variety of projects tackled.

 I managed to slap a coat of paint on my bedroom while the team brought in some heifers for treatment and Dad re-configured lucerne irrigation.  While the girls and I worked cattle, the boys cut more timber.

And at some stage of the day Jess found time for some selfies on my camera.

A packet of rogue marshmallows in the back of the pantry has been troubling the children for some time.  Late this afternoon they lit up a pile of sticks especially gathered for such a purpose and attempted to roast some marshmallows.  With darkness descending and flames still leaping it was decided a smarter option to wait until after tea when hopefully the fire's ferocity might have dimmed.

Some flushed-faced youngsters have just returned to the house.  A lovely Sunday had by all.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Happy Birthday Nan

My beautiful Mum had a birthday Friday.

When she rang earlier in the week and asked if we could come in for tea, I foolishly hummed and hahed, worrying that it would mean a sleep-over and we wouldn't get a full work day in Saturday.

Fortunately my level-headed husband reminded me how lucky we are to live close enough to my parents that we can share these special occasions.  And a late start Saturday was a small price to pay.

I wish the photographic help hadn't been goofing off and could have got a few less blurry shots.  Of course this one turned out not too bad.

Thanks for the help Jess.
And how about doing something with those toenails.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

This Past Week

Mother's Day came and went in the rush that seems to be 2014.

There were special coffees ... made by special baristas.

And a thirty-pack of Ferrero-Rochers (hidden behind the cordial maker).
Which when divided by six doesn't seem so bad at all.

And seemed a perfect match for the mudcrab as provided by Grandad.

Smoko on the verandah a pleasant break from the post-splitting that filled the day.

New fence posts dotting the scenery every which way you turn.  Strainers will go in this weekend and hopefully wire will start to be run.

Mulch has been spread,

yet still a mountainous pile remains,

which will need to be relocated.

Fortunately the workforce are well-nourished.


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