Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Little to Report

The weather's certainly been a little contrary of late.  We've experienced none of the 'big' rain reported to our south with only 45 mm measured over the past five days, though days of drizzle have everything so very wet.  The heaviest rain we've encountered fell in the thirty minute period this afternoon that Wallace and I chose to go out on the bike to check heifers.  'Twas a quick trip home.

We spied this little visitor

hanging out in the Pierre de Ronsard, not the most comfortable residence for sure.  There've been a lot of snakes this Summer, though these little tree snakes don't bother us too much.

There's been a little baking,

yet another 'best ever' choc chip biscuit recipe.

And quite possibly lived up to its claim.

I think my dear old Ella's tired of competing with wretched puppies for attention.  She took it upon herself to pull one of my ferns out last night.

  It certainly turned the attention back to her in quite a hurry.  Though it's hard not to forgive that face.

Sunday, 24 February 2013


After a tearful farewell Saturday morning to our visiting vet student Kathryn, we headed to the hills of Bottle Tree.  With cows to be trucked early Sunday morning, we spent much of the time surveying the sky.

The flu has been making its way through the ranks,

making it difficult to muster enthusiasm from certain individuals.

Kathryn's influence over the past ten days means we now have three young girls all keen to pursue a career in Veterinary Science.

A dream of Jessie's since four years of age,

Sarah, more recently so inclined.

Sal's interest has been fostered for some time.  Though no cats allowed.  Do you think JCU might offer sibling discount?

The boy's keen on a building future,

this week at least.  Last week it was a  private detective in the vein of Sherlock Holmes, the week before, an Indiana Jones type archaeologist.  I say, keeping your options open at ten years of age is sage advice.

The yards at Chabo showing no cattle have worked through them since the rain.

We remedied that, drafting bulls and trucking several home to meet with heifers in which we implanted embryos last weekend.  Those that won't accept the embryo transfer pregnancy will hopefully, in the small window of breeding season we have left, become pregnant to the bulls, providing us with end of year calves.

Kids busied themselves

with kid-stuff.

I enjoyed photographing some greenery,

the resulting general agreement, 

everything at Bottle Tree is buffeltastic.

Monday, 18 February 2013

A Visitation

We've had a special visitor these past few days.  A beautiful young lady who has fit so easily into our family life, here as part of her Uni course 'farm placement'.  

A third year Veterinary Science student at Townsville's James Cook University, Kathryn is not only intelligent and willing to lay her hand to anything, but also warm, friendly, funny, hard-working and receptive to small children clambering for attention.

I want to keep her.

We've round-upped, mowed, fenced, worked cattle, needled puppies, flushed heifers and travelled to Bottle Tree in her first five days, though the rain is about to halt proceedings with the next couple of days planned cattle work having to be postponed due to inclement weather.

Tomorrow we'll head to town with our non-freezing freezer, the contents of which including one bullock and three pigs having been transferred to a cooler environment.  If a new freezer is required, this will be my third in two years.  They don't make them like they used to.

The trip to town will allow Kathryn and I the opportunity to duck out to a bull sale which starts tomorrow for a quick squiz.

With weather supposedly clearing by Wednesday, we'll hopefully head back to Bottle Tree then for some preg-testing and fly treatment.

Meanwhile, these puppies are growing like weeds and proving to be super time-wasters.  I want to keep all of them too.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

From Drab to Fab

I know everybody must be on the edge of their seats waiting for a sofa update.

Well it turned out a treat.

Though admittedly not one of those little Sunday afternoon jobs you can just whip up.
Well maybe some could.
It took me hours.  And then some.

Here's the before:

I started with three canvas painter's dropsheets from Bunnings.
Gave them a wash.
And started pinning, cutting and sewing.

What felt like 7.6 kilometres of piping,

and 17.3 kilometres of stitching, 

and that's before the material turned up for the cushions.

The sewing machine's been a permanent fixture on the end of the dining room table.

But we're all loving it sick (according to the young'uns).

Monday, 11 February 2013

What's Been Happening?

There's been a second dodgy birthday cake,

with Jess walking around all day stating to anybody who would listen that it was her birthday again, just three days after the original.

Cakes were baked in between runs to the yards to observe super-ovulated, cycling heifers 

and subsequent artificial insemination.

There's been a sofa to re-cover,

a task I wouldn't highly recommend,

unless you particularly dislike yourself.

With Sarah home after her first fortnight of school, kids headed to the dam, lick tubs replaced by far fancier boating equipment, products of an abundant Christmas.

Smiles unfortunately short-lived as the rubber boat didn't make it past the first barbed wire fence.

And finally, with many roads in our area having been cut due to the recent flooding, I made it to Bottle Tree today for the first time since the rain, Matthew having weaved his way through last week.

(Cover your eyes Sharon).

Calves enjoying the benefits of Mum's increased grass intake.  Buffalo flies have moved in thick and fast, we'll head back in a few days to start treating them.

And Sharon, rest assured, my weatherman tells me your turn is coming.


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