Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mango Icecream Bars

Coincidentally, I was talking to a friend yesterday about home-made Weis Mango Icecream Bars, and then this morning Susan from Daydream in Colour emailed me a recipe for the same. (Thankyou so much Susan).  

So with fate seeming to have played a hand, and a growing pile of rapidly ripening mangoes, I considered it necessary to immediately set about giving them a try (Susan's recipe at end).

Mangoes were peeled, sliced and pureed.

Allowing my Christmas food processor to have it's first run.

Combined with a sugar syrup, half of the mango mixture is frozen as the first layer,

the remaining mango combined with cream to make the top layer.

Once frozen,

the resulting slab of decadence can be sliced and served.

Summer Bliss.

Susan's Recipe

1 1/4 cups of caster sugar
1 1/4 cups of water
3-4 large mangoes, pureed
2 tablespoons lemon juice
250 ml cream (I usually just use a whole 300ml bottle)

Place sugar and water in a saucepan and boil for 2 minutes. Let cool.
Add the mango and lemon juice to the cooled syrup and mix well.
Put 1 1/2 cups of mango mix in a bowl and stir in the cream. Place in fridge until needed.
Freeze the rest of the mango mix in a container (something around 20 x 20)
Once frozen, pour the cream mix onto the frozen mango and refreeze.

Thanks again Susan, and I hope you don't mind me posting your recipe.  With an abundance of mangoes in this area at the moment, I think there'll be plenty of these given a try.


  1. ooh, have sliced frozen mango in the freezer...I'll print this out for The Husband, the one who likes making stuff from mangoes (I'm a purist, I like my mango in its natural form, albeit icy cold from the fridge!)

  2. ps nice food processor, Santa obviously had the same list from us both although different brands. Mine has has little egg beater things and made the FLUFFIEST pavlova egg whites ever in the shortest period of time (and on the lowest speed, I fear it was going to fly off the bench)

    Perhaps I should give the weiss bars a while myself so I can play with my new toy again - husband is not allowed near My Precious ;-) (he is the same about his truck/tractor...I know not why as I am yet to break one..!)

  3. Oh yum. Mango Weis bars are an absolute favourite! I'd try these if I had a mango tree!!

  4. Mouth. Watering... nom-nom-nom!!
    PS Wonder how coconut cream would go for the second layer???

  5. Wow that was quick! Glad you enjoyed it and were able to use up a few of those extra mangoes. The pictures have made my mouth water and I'm thinking I'll have to make some now.

    xx Susan

  6. Brilliant! We are just breaking in Fishy's ice cream maker from his birthday and had Weiss bars at nanna's two nights ago so this is very timely!
    Now to get my friend's mango tree lightened up!

  7. I think you will have to make these again when I get home. They look delicious!!!!!!!
    See you tomorrow,



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