Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Room Make-Over

With Sarah commencing her school holidays two weeks before her younger siblings, we set about a little painting and re-decorating of her and Jessie's bedroom.  Fuschia walls replaced with a far more subtle 'beige' also known as Taubmans Martini.  Fortuitously, my builder parents have been saving leftover Martini from several building sites, which will be the colour of choice for the entire house, hopefully to be completed sometime this year.

An old pine bookcase given a lick of red paint by the girls.

The hot pink and white bunks experiencing a little Antique White.
But my favourite transformation by far:

This pine drawer/door combo bought when Jessie was born and now housing tween/teen clothing.

A roll of cheap paintable Bunnings wallpaper, some Ebay door furniture and voila.

With wallpaper stuck in place with some spray-on adhesive, painting commenced.

What's not to love about a paint colour called Afternoon Storm?

The untidy wallpaper edging to be hidden by some narrow timber moulding.

Measured, cut and then painted with primer first, then a high-gloss appliance white (both in spray cans).

And glued into place.

Thankfully I've never been accused of being a perfectionist, for if you were to look closely you'd find paint streaks and gaps.  We call it rustic.

This bedside table also received a coat of afternoon storm.

No special effects though, other than sanding the knobs back to reveal some of the white undercoat.
Truly, I meant to do that.

We've still got curtains to sew, and a ruffle along the bottom of the bunks to hide the spare mattress underneath,  artwork and photos to hang, a rug to find. 

But most hard to believe is the still constantly present mess of strewn clothes on the floor.


  1. Wow!! Fantastic furniture transformations - this is why I follow your blog Fiona, you make the things that need to be done (work, cooking and renos) a fun family affair with awesome outcomes. Thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration.

  2. There's some clever furniture fixing there! We spent the week before Christmas dismantling and dragging beds around to rearrange the bedroom combinations.
    I admire your dedication in painting the bunks. Don't know if I have the stamina for that. I'm saving energy for the inevitable book cull now!

  3. holy cow, how great does it all look (and how have I missed that wall paper at bunnings?! I don't know what I would use it for but I feel that its something I cannot live without and shall forthwith do some brainstorming about WHAT I could do with it! Aisle number please!)

    Love the colours, and shall also be noting Martini as the paint colour of choice as well, what a gorgeous nuetral - yet dust friendly I feel - colour. Afternoon storm isn't bad either (I notice it changes from grey to creamy in colour depending on the light?) Antique White is also a never fail winner, if you go by House and Garden of course ;-)

    Also have to admire the new bedding too, I love how its all pulled together into a rather lovely space for your growing girls. Well done. Can't wait to see the next project (and I might add, I despair here as well as despite the glorious new built in wardrobe, my girls are still storing clothing on the floor. I weep, I truly do)

  4. Wow such a transformation. The dresser with the wallpaper and pretty glass knobs looks amazing.
    I bet your other two have their hands up for next bedroom makeover.

  5. That looks awesome! Mare

  6. Oh my, absolutely lovely! What a lovely room makeover. I think I am up for adoption Friend!!
    Is that a top hat I noticed on the book shelf? Stunning conversation piece!
    Enjoy the season,

  7. Like I said a few days ago, "HOW DO YOU MANAGE ALL THIS?' :) The room looks fantastic and you have guilted me into adding another item to my New Year Resolution List... I'm trying to justify the fact that I am not as productive as you guys because I live in a city and there are so many distractions, but it even sounds feeble to me! Enjoy your puppies. We inherited a female Border Collie who was without doubt the most wonderful dog on earth - she gave us so many years of pleasure, precious thing.

  8. What an amazing transformation of the chest of drawers! You've given me some great ideas for the dresser I bought the kidlettes at an op shop recently.

    xx Susan

  9. Amazing Fiona... adore that chest of drawers (the ones you used the wallpaper on) - fabulous!!

  10. The room is amazing Fiona. Red always brings happiness, I'm sure. As for the transformed drawers...they are incredible. So clever and beautifully executed. It's all just fabulous. You must put your photo of the drawers on Pinterest - it'll go viral! M xo

  11. wow - that is quite the transformation of that chest of drawers. looks completely new and different! Love the bed spread!

  12. love the girls new colours....and what you have done to the chest of drawers...oh to have girls!! You are ever so crafty! Tx



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