Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Operation Permaculture

Today marked the start of a new project. 

Inspired by my friend Mare and her beautiful vege garden I have read, re-read, highlighted and asterisked Linda Woodrow's 'The Permaculture Home Garden', my new day-to-day handguide.

The idea is to create a rotational complex of vegetable garden beds complete with nomadic chickens who do the work for you of digging, mulching, weeding and pest-controlling, in the process providing you with golden-yolked eggs and leaving behind them a fluffed up bed of nutrition in which to plant your vegetables.  Yeah man.

First step of the process is building the 'chook dome'.  The round chook pen is basically the same size as your pending vegetable gardens, the chooks just make them for you.  Sounds so much better than the hours of crowbar, shovel and pitchfork-wielding that have previously been a major focus of my gardening endeavours.  At the end of a period of time you simply move chooks, dome and all to the next garden site so they can begin the process again.  They feel so involved.  Chicken Team Members.

So, with the team on board today (the un-chicken variety) we set about the 'very simple task of creating a chook dome'.  Now I don't consider myself useless, but Ms Woodrow's description of one person in just a couple of hours putting this baby together, leans me towards thinking Ms Woodrow is one very capable lady.

I can't really begin to explain this one.  Left to cut ties I turned to find 'Wire-Man' in action.

Having just completed Elizabeth Gill's "Eat, Pray, Love", it was about this time I thought seriously of sitting cross-legged under my teepee, praying to the great Ikea, God of Construction and repeating the mantra Ham-sa until such time as the children either completed the task at hand, Matthew returned home or I was at least transported to a happier place.  I'm yet to master meditation.  (Maybe another project!)

By dinnertime the hand on hip was saying it all.  That top ring was giving us no end of grief.  Corned meat sandwich and a cuppa later and things were rolling right along...



  1. Haha, this looks fantastic! and you've got everyone involved. I really like your description of the theory of permaculture too; you've captured it perfectly. I look forward to seeing the finished dome.

  2. Fiona, am interested to know if the dome is still in operation?
    I'm wondering if I ever get my mesh covered vege garden, if locking the chooks in there for awhile, might achieve close to the same effect pre/between plantings.



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