Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Permaculture Part II

Nearly four years ago, inspired by my friend Mare and her successes implementing a permaculture garden set-up following Linda Woodrow's book "The Permaculture Home Garden"

the kids and I created a dome to house our chooks.  That post appears here.  The main gist of the moveable chook pen as per my first post is  "The idea is to create a rotational complex of vegetable garden beds complete with nomadic chickens who do the work for you of digging, mulching, weeding and pest-controlling, in the process providing you with golden-yolked eggs and leaving behind them a fluffed up bed of nutrition in which to plant your vegetables". 

Supposedly light enough for one person to move between garden sites, the dome also proved light enough to easily allow pig infiltration.  With one pig invasion too many, the somewhat misshapen dome's final move saw it relocated to the dump.

My most obliging offsider, with some encouragement, then set about converting an old swing set into a new chook pen for me.

The rectangular pen easier to manoeuvre around the rectangular garden area.  And so it is that finally we are back in production.  Three garden beds currently planted out, with the chooks now working on Site 4 and possibly room for two more shifts, before it will be relocated back to Site 1.

 Chinese Cabbage
 Silver Beet
 Snow Peas
 Sugar Snap Peas
Baby Lettuce
 Rogue self-seeding Cherry Tomatoes
Golden Button Squash

With the installation of the rabbit-proof fence a couple of months back and that beautiful fall of rain over the weekend, things are looking up in the vege patch.

Keep at it girls.  We've corn to go in next shift.

Monday, 18 August 2014

A Start

We weekended at Bottle Tree, the very last of the weaners to come off.  27 most welcome millimetres of rain fell during our stay, no complaints as oilskins and gumboots were donned.

Unfortunately, 27 mils of rain does little for dam levels, bore water now being pumped weekly.

We returned home to empty 28 millimetres from the guage at Rock Wallaby, a wonderful start to what will hopefully be a great season ahead.
Fingers are crossed.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cakes, Cows, Construction and Kookaburras

It hasn't been all sugar-free apple tea cake and coffee around here.

More's the pity.

My darling old Priscilla's feeling the affects of a cool, dry Winter and will have to have her calf weaned in the next week or two.

She's over twelve years old and may only have another calf or two in her I think.  For services to the team I'm going to let her frolic in green grass for the rest of her days.

I love my milkers.

Just as the big fella loves his dogs.

Though both of us are about over this fencing project.
It's going on longer than Blue Hills.

Though progress is starting to be seen.
Always funny to download photos that I didn't know were on my camera.
From memory, terse words may have been being spoken between the tractor driver and borer operator at this particular point in time.
Funny now.

I think these ones are looking forward to the next project as well.

Show steers have been tied up and are even leading a little.
They're a bunch of characters.

This old kookaburra enjoyed a bath under the sprinkler.
Sprinklers have been on high rotation with country fast drying off.

Painting's not going brilliantly ... but ladders and planks have arrived.
Hopefully big things to report next week!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


I know I'm not meant to be in here,

and I do wish there was a more dignified process to get me out.

But it is a great way to make new friends.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Some Snaps from the Week Gone by

Potted Geraniums ... to take one's mind off the brown lawn thanks to Jack Frost's recent visits.
First time in our eleven years of occupation.

Blueberries ... part of a Blueberry/Oat Slice ... surprisingly healthy yet still edible by children.

Parsley thriving in the garden.
In fact I'm a dab hand at growing herbs/veges we rarely eat.
Egg plant anyone?

The lead-up to the Carcase Comp dinner ... checking results ... too much pressure.

The Dinner.

A different dinner.

Dad gave Wal a haircut ... a little fun at intermission.

Molasses back on the bovine menu.

Steers haltered and ready for the next phase of training.

We've left Harry Potter behind, Ranger's Apprentice is currently on the bookshelf.

Child labour being utilised in the pre-painting saga prep.
Allowing me time to spend countless hours choosing a suitable paint colour.
Dulux Milton Moon currently leading the race.

Hopefully this week we'll commence painting.
Stay tuned.


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