Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Local Show

A case of poor timing resulted in our local Show being held this middle weekend of school holidays, meaning much of Week 1 has been devoted to showtime preparation, such being the case in small communities and certainly more families than ours affected in much the same way.

Two days of working bees, a town day and some carrot cake cooking and pulled pork preparation included.  We did manage a little home-time with around eight hundred bales of hay put in the shed ... all part of the "Boarding School Appreciation Program", (or BSAP as we parental humourists like to call it).

Show Day dawned a hot and sultry one, with Tropical Cyclone Ita far to our north having all of the Show committee looking skyward in the days leading up to and on the day of the Show itself.  Fortuitously the rain stayed away for the day, a grand time was had by all and the much welcomed rain arrived Sunday.

The child labour force was yet again employed and kept busy with stewarding duties for at least half the day, by which time show money was burning holes in jeans' pockets.

Jessie's lovely friend Mackenzie came to visit and became a cowgirl for the day.

Sal offsided in the cattle ring, and we would have been lost without her.  Sarah stewarded in the horse ring, as did Jess and Mackenzie until the lure of sideshow alley proved too great.  Wallace enjoyed all the thrills of the show, no stewarding on his agenda, though capguns high priority.

In celebration of the 30th Show the above cake was cut and an Honour Board of past Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers unveiled.

Some wonderful gems of the community honoured in the process, her sister the creator of the beautiful cake pictured above.

Cattle were paraded, horses ridden, dogs jumped, lollies dropped from great heights, greasy pigs chased, hot chips devoured, beers enjoyed, fashions admired, fireworks marvelled at, children exhausted ... all ingredients of a wonderful event.

We are fortunate to live in this small community.  And events such as this are what make it what it is.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

88 ... Two Fat Ladies

What a difference a week makes.

Eighty-eight millimetres of rain emptied from the Bottle Tree rain guage during this weekend's visit.  And though falls of over five hundred mils were reported not far from us, only forty-nine fell at Rock Wallaby.

Meatworks cattle were trucked.

Late afternoons enjoyed.

Fat heifers admired.

Unfit horses ridden.

And the very last of the calves branded.

Sally has had a very rough weekend, as sick as I've ever seen her.  Burning fevers resulting in sleepless nights and quite likely a doctor's visit tomorrow.

Our weekend's are never dull.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Same Old, Same Old

Like others who blog I frequently ponder whether blogging is becoming 'oh so yesterday'.  And though being a little behind the techno eight-ball holds little concern for me I do fear I tend to re-hash the same old stories week in, week out, which unfortunately is often the way of my life.  Look at cows, bemoan the state of the market, look at radar, bemoan the state of the weather ... repeat.

And then I remind myself that this blog isn't meant to be a gripping read, but instead an opportunity to freeze a few moments in time, a little window into certain aspects of our life that I will enjoy looking through in years to come.  And while the four youngsters of this family continue to be its greatest fans, I shall continue to record for their benefit.

We headed to Bottle Tree again this weekend, trucking heifers from Rock Wallaby and arriving late Saturday.

Two weeks since my last visit and a noticeable change in the landscape with Summer conditions experienced over the past week.  With no water runoff into dams as yet this season, we are hopeful the current weather system heading our way may alter that situation.

Despite the less than average season, cattle have responded well and fat cows are raising fat calves, all one can ask for really.

We finished the last of the branding and started putting aside cows destined for the meatworks next weekend.  Bulls were taken out of those paddocks we had through the yards.  Now begins the task of keeping them removed from cows for the Winter.  Barbed wire fences don't seem to always suffice.

Having recently re-watched the movie Australia, Sal worked on perfecting her cattle-singing, Nulla style.

Only two short weeks and these girls will be home for holidays.  They've had several weekends in this term and I'm really missing them.

So as days again race into weeks, we'll be holidaying in no time.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Celebrating Gender Equality

We didn't realise it was International Women's Day yesterday when we headed to Bottle Tree to check fences and brand a few calves.

'Twas an all-girl  team ...

except for Dad of course.

With Wallace still recuperating, we were grateful to have a friend of Sarah's visiting for the weekend to help.

Some cows apparently didn't get the memo that calving was meant to end at Christmas.

Perhaps a late calf is better than no calf.

Especially when as cute as this.

The girl team's enjoying a slower-paced day today with drizzle in these parts most welcome.  Baking's in progress, movies are being watched, kitchen cupboard doors still being painted.

And Dad's on the dozer.
Being a girl most certainly has its advantages some days.


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